Chronograph Rolex Daytona Series

Daytona is the name of a Florida city which, at the beginning of last century, started attracting motorsport enthusiasts for its wide beach of smooth, compacted sand, ideal for land speed record attempts.

Since the 1930s Rolex had started to build a strong reputation as a manufacturer of versatile sport watches thanks to its ‘sealed against the elements’ Oyster case and famous testimonials like Sir Malcom Campbell, which can be somehow considered the first Ambassador of the brand. In those years, Rolex produced its first chronograph wristwatch with a single push buttons on the side to start, stop and reset a separate second hand. For these chronograph models Rolex adopted movements from the company Valjoux.

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Use a triangular pit pattern with a spiral bottom cover. The back of the use of stainless steel aluminum alloy, with 7750 multi-function mechanical movement, travel time accurate.

316L steel made of case and strap, solid chain Oyster belt in the middle of the chain surface polishing, both sides of the surface frosted edge, polished edge.


Equipped with Oyster Insurance foldable button to prevent the button from opening unexpectedly.

The clasp is also equipped with an easy-to-link chain and offers a patent application for the Rolex Daytona series.

And the extension device is designed so that the wearer can easily extend the belt by about 5 mm and wear a comfortable length.

Although it is only a combination of mechanical technology, but can not simply use the technical content or technical indicators to measure.
This is the magic of the mechanical laborers Dayton series.

New Daxi Xin Di can be described as an extraordinary treasure, the main store often in short supply. Even once the outbreak of the situation, the so-called 2016 most memorable chronograph.


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